Eternal ROI

Episode 54: Becoming the Steward of a Team-Owned Business for Christ with Scott Barr

Episode Summary

Scott Barr is the Steward of Southwest Exteriors, but he hasn't always held that title. He also used to own his company outright—he doesn't do that anymore either. Why would a business leader seemingly forfeit their role and ownership, turning it over to the rest of their team? Scott can answer this answer more eloquently than us, but we'll simplify: when you realize God is the true owner of your company, it's easy to relinquish those material things for something even more important. Maybe you've been on the fence with this exact idea but don't know how to make it happen. This episode is the solution. Scott and Chris walk through Southwest Exteriors' transformation from just successful company to a complex, flourishing company that truly cares for its own. Learn step-by-step how to hand your company over to God by embracing the fact that you're simply a steward of the resources He blessed you with. Scott is a truly special business leader, and someone that we learn from daily.